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British designers are known throughout the world for their skills and high craftsmanship. Consumers are recognising the value of bespoke contemporary modern furniture handmade to a high standard in the UK. There has been a resurgence in furniture making in Britain in the last few years and British designers are enjoying the increased demand.

It is not surprising that people around the world are now opting for British handmade furniture and décor for their homes. The majority of mass produced furniture is made from materials that are the most inexpensive to produce which keeps the costs down. Most are designed on computers and made by automated machinery. However the end results may look good for a short time but they will be made from pressed wood and flimsy materials and they don’t last very long. This is one of the reasons why people are looking for handcrafted furniture by skilled British designers and artisans. People now are turning their noses up at the cheap mass produced furniture from places such as China and Eastern Europe. The days where everything was ‘made in china’ are over. If people want quality, they look towards the UK.

Handmade Solid Wood Furniture

Here at Green Oak Furniture.net, our furniture is handmade using traditional techniques and are built to last. We use traditional joinery found in a wealth of timber frame buildings around Shropshire and use pegged mortise and tenor joints throughout for strength and durability All benches are handmade in Shropshire using locally sourced prime English green oak which is sawn on the same site, ensuring a minimal carbon footprint. The timber comes from well-managed and sustained woodlands and the reason we use Green Oak is because it is an exceptionally durable timber which when ages changes colour to a beautiful silver colour. Also the timber needs no chemical treatments or preservatives, making it completely maintenance free. Our furniture is supplied fully assembled and once in place requires no maintenance.

We take a great deal in pride in the design and manufacture of all of our handmade solid wood furniture. The workmanship which goes into each unique contemporary modern furniture is second to none. Quality is paramount and all of our craftsmen are highly skilled perfectionists who take time to create beautiful furniture which will be meaningful and cherished over time. Our master woodcarver uses traditional chisels and is able to carve any style font you wish, also he is a master at relief carvings of animals, flowers or anything else you wish carved onto your bench or furniture.

So if you are fed up with cheap mass produced furniture imported from overseas and are looking for quality handcrafted contemporary solid wood furniture made by skilled English artisans, look no futher. Chris Nangle and his skilled team can make you modern oak furniture that will last a life time and still look as good as the day it was made.